Who we are?

Symphonic Founder, Courtney Kim, has developed a team of talent that are passionate about delivering quality work, aesthetics and results. They specialise in incorporating the clients’ ideas and energy to create fresh, inspiring and compelling branding. The product of such a collaboration are brand messages that capture the unique voice of the businesses, and that resonate with audiences across multiple media and devices.

Part of capturing the unique voice of our clients, is the ability to tell their stories in a sincere and meaningful way. We pride our team on having the skills to make this connection. The end product is: effective brand strategy, launch management, art direction, packaging design, web design, signage, and lots more.

Find your business’ voice, and reach out to us about your ideas.

Who we work with?

Symphonic works with businesses that require high quality aesthetics to communicate their messages. This encompasses small businesses to corporate and non-profit organisations across various industries which include: fashion, hospitality, thriving tech start-ups, and artists. High profile clients include: AusPost, Dotti, Bahen & Co., Asylum Seeker Resource Center (ASRC), and more.

We collaborate with experienced professionals from various creative fields, to deliver quality Design Agency and Branding Strategy. Projects see us working with national leading photographers, film directors, animators, developers, and architects. Some collaborators include: Rubber House Studio, 14LOX, On Architects, and more.

What we do?

With Symphonic, there’s no half-way project. Clients are provided with a complete journey from design to launch by a team that is at the forefront of the design industry, offering not only Design Agency, but also going beyond to customise Branding Strategy.

At Symphonic, the focus is on customising complete services to suit individual scopes and businesses. We have every confidence that we can tailor and measure a solution that works within your limitations that will take you from design to launch.

To deliver a complete service, we’ve specialise in: Art Direction; Graphic Design; Packaging Design; Style Guides; Websites; eCommerce; Photography; Music Videos; Event Styling and Coordination; Signage Production; and Interior Design.

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We take pride in delivering services and products that meet our clients’ absolute satisfaction. Click here to see what our clients have to say about our work.

“I considered a couple of larger web development agencies, however only Symphonic suggested innovative solutions to our unique requirements. The team were able to take my vague ideas of how the project should operate and turned them into a site which is much more sophisticated than I anticipated.

Courtney’s excellent project management ensured that the development was very smooth and I was always kept informed of progress. I highly recommend this small company that far outperforms its size and I hope I will have more projects to work on with them in the future.”

– Gillian Pinder, Marketing Manager of Swinburne University (SSAA)

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