5 Branding Strategies To Do Before Opening Your Business

From finalising your corporate structure to drafting a financial plan, an entrepreneur’s list is never-ending when trying to get a new venture off the ground. While most business owners focus on the basics like funding and finding ideal customers, very few dive into branding before opening day. Developing the right brand strategy can be one of the most effective ways to find and connect with your ideal target market; however, few companies consider their public persona before business launch. In fact, a global brandshare study […]

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Best in Packaging Design: Aussie Skincare Brands created by Melbourne Agencies

As a consequence of countless companies pursuing new marketing techniques, old school advertising seems to be going by the wayside. However, Bain & Company recently found that these new trends don’t always result in one of the most important marketing measures – packaging design recall. Brand recall indicates how easily a consumer sorts through product choices and remembers a specific brand.  Also known as brand recognition, this measure reminds marketers that shoppers only recall a limited number brands at any given time – increasing the need for your product to be one of the […]

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Follow the Leader: Melbourne’s Best eCommerce Design

eCommerce market trends in 2017 are driving as quickly forward as the sales they produce. In 2013, eMarketer projected that by the end of 2017 Australia’s eCommerce sales would be an estimated AU $32.6 billion – representing a 21.6% growth in the past four years. With more retailers moving their sales platforms online, the average online Australian shopper is now expected to spend US $4,500 – a significant purchase from any one client. How brands choose to go about reaching […]

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Aussie Soylent – Working on a new eCommerce design.

Aussielent was created by a husband and wife team Kieran and Paul Carpenter. As a former engineer, Paul developed an all-in-one super meal that has the perfect nutrition of everything that a person needs. The meal contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals, rich protein – perfect for time poor people who are looking for meal replacements. Previously, Aussielent had a DIY WordPress site with a Woo-commerce plugin. The site needed regular maintenance with over 60+ plugins and constant software updates. Unfortunately, the client […]

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eCommerce Success: These Little Treasures

Melbourne based design agency Symphonic shares on how to design a successful eCommerce store with Dainy Sawatzky, These Little Treasures. Australian gift and homeware sector is a $6.6 billion dollar market. Consumers constantly seek for quality, niche and unique products year by year. It’s been about a year since Dainy Sawatzky, creator and designer of These Little Treasures, came to us to for a brand design and an online store. She makes one of a kind cloth dolls that you can customise to look just like […]

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