eCommerce design and strategy


eCommerce is one of our specialties. We design online stores with real-time customer data insights to make your customer stay longer, educated, purchase, and come back. Combined with our eCommerce marketing strategy – as a result, we have a high success in designing and building profitable online stores.


eCommerce Platforms

We work with a range of technology partners such as Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce and Square. We have experience in finding the right platform in order to deliver the best shopping cart experience. Every eCommerce platform is unique and has different technology requirements due to the products or services they offer.

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eCommerce design

Your online store is a valuable asset to bring you sales, customers and a better brand awareness. Therefore, we make sure the site works seamlessly from desktop to mobile, tablet to watch. We are committed to providing a simple user experience and crafted UI design to ensure your brand message is well presented across all platforms. Great websites and digital products engage users and communicate their messages with a clear call to action.

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eCommerce strategy

We understand the challenge and process of starting a business. We’ve done many including our own. We work with handful of our clients on ongoing basis to continue grow their eCommerce business. This allows us to integrate the latest analytic tools in order to gain customer insights, revenue stream and conversion rates. As a result, our strategy has 93% success rate and has become the most valuable tools for our clients. You can read more about how we did it on our upcoming eBook.

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