eCommerce design and strategy


Combining our excellent experience in branding and design strategy, delivering next level eCommerce platforms is one of our specialties. We create our strategies using real-time customer data insights so that we can implement a website design that ensures consumers remain on your page for longer, are educated, follow through with purchases, and come back. The end result is a customised eCommerce platform that helps you build a profitable online empire.


eCommerce Platforms

We have experience working with a wide range of eCommerce hosting services such as Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Square. Our experience with each has given us insight into their system requirements and how each supports different products and services – thereby helping us decide which platform will deliver your customers the best shopping cart experience.

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eCommerce design

Your online store is one of the key assets that will help attract new customers, keep the old, build brand awareness, and bring in those sales. As such, we make sure your website works seamlessly on multiple devices from desktops to mobile phones, tablets to watches. Our commitment to providing a simple user experience and crafted UI ensure your brand message is well presented across all platforms and effectively reaches your users. Great websites and digital products that engage users and concisely  communicate their messages result in a clear call to action.

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eCommerce strategy

We understand the challenges of starting your own business having worked through many of these processes on our own. Some of our clients choose to work with us on an ongoing basis to continue evolving their eCommerce website as their sales, product selection, and customer base grows. By doing so, we are able to analyse the store’s strategy and effectiveness through customer insights, revenue streams, and conversion rates. Previous projects have proven that our eCommerce design strategy has resulted in a 93% success rate – ensuring these post-production analytical tools have become our most valuable client care practice.

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