We think referral marketing is one of the most powerful ways to enhance brand reputation and sales because it is through trusted sources. Referrals aren’t often limited to friends and family. They can come from all kinds of sources, like publications, reviews, testimonials, and tastemakers (bloggers or social media influencers).

Here are some tips on increasing referrals by using your brand elements.


– Beautiful collateral.

Create a wow factor for your customers’ buying experience. Beautiful packages create an emotional connection between buyer and your brand through unboxing your product. Impress clients with high-quality prints with handwritten messages to make them feel special. Beautiful collateral will make your product instantly shareable, and people will talk about it. Here are great examples of beautiful packaging.


Image : Svbscription https://svbscription.com/



– Ask for it

Send your customers an informative inserts that encourages people to share their stories, reviews and feedback. “If you enjoy the product and our fast service, share with us how you felt.” Make sure your inserts have a clear call to action. You can direct your customers to a web address for more information. Include a hashtag or Instagram handle with your brand voice being consistently throughout your advertising copy.



– Reward them

This is a common tactic, but not enough business upsell after their first sales or engagement. If the customers have purchased a service or product, they are most likely to buy or use it again. There are a number of ways you can do this, but adding a VIP code to get a discount on their next item or rewarding service credit is a good way. Again, if you’re sending them a gift certificate, print it on high-quality, thick paper with a matching envelope to give it a sense of specialness and exclusivity. Use some sense of humor on your referral card.




In conclusion, impress your customers, and they will rave about your brand. And we believe having exceptional customer service and beautiful branding can certainly increase referrals towards your sales.