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Dear architects, We love what you do and we love your creativity, but why do you have such bad websites? Some are really hard to navigate or take forever to load. Some of them have no content or say coming soon for years. Some have images only and some have no images at all. I won’t point any fingers but some architect sites still use Flash. From the architects I’ve spoken to, a website is low priority and not worth […]

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Docklands studio turns 10 with a dazziling party and a new website.

We were pleased to work with Docklands Studio on the new website for their 10th year anniversary. Docklands studio have provided space for many great films and have been the home of blockbuster international production with great soundstage facilities after renovation in 2013. Today Docklands Studio is more versatile. Providing space for local film directors for small projects, corporate events and festivals like VAMFF. The celebration was attended by various actors from the Moon and The Sun with Pierce Brosnan, […]

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Bahen & Co's new online store

Bahen & Co is chocolate maker based on the Margaret River in Western Australia. They make chocolate the old fashioned way: roasted, cracked and stone ground by a vintage collection of chocolate making machines, from bean to bar. Client approached us with a brief for a completely new online store design, that could not only provide a platform for sales, but also served as a place to share their love of the chocolate making craft. We designed a site that […]

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Launch event : MINI at Melbourne Pavillion

MINI Australia know how to throw a great party. With the launch of a new model in ten years, Mini commissioned Darren Sylvester and Eness to create a interactive dance floor that react to dancers and music at the launch party. They also partnered up with some great brands including Uber to give away some sweet rides to the party.  Good tunes, good vibes, good people and good launch. Emilia and Rob from Vice Magazine

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Launch Event: Adidas Original ZX Flux – Melbourne

The team at Symphonic were invited to the opening night of CARBON 2014 which coincided with the official launch party of the newest addition to the Adidas classics range, the ZX Flux.  The event was held at Toot Fanute on Globe Alley in a hyper colourful space created by Artists Vans the Omega Patrick Martinez.  We were well looked after by Bulleit Bourbon and Temple Brewing Company, with music provided by a few of Can’t Says finest DJ’s.  #zxflux

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