Behind On Architects Design Branding

Australia based Taiwanese architect Andy Chung had a very clear objective on his brand refresh. He needed a new brand that would give him a new reputation to go with the new team that he has formed. He also wanted an online strategy with the aim to broaden his service area internationally (especially in Chinese region) and gain more exposure locally. Just like other stubborn architects, (hello to all architects out there, you guys are stubborn for perfection) he was […]

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Optus Rebranding

Optus introduced a new identity designed by Sydney-based RE, advertising by M&C Saatchi, custom type by Mathieu Réguer, and character development by Marco Palmieri.  The identity is very likeable, friendly and well executed. New colour scheme is refreshing which seems most people agree with. Although I can’t say this cutsey hand drawn identity is one of the most ground breaking branding ideas. NAB has done it on their Follow the Rainbow campaign,  couple of years ago. Considering the size of Optus, one of the biggest telecommunication […]

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Rebel Rebel

“You’ve got your mother in a whirl / She’s not sure if you’re a boy or girl.” David Bowie, Rebel Rebel   In a nation of low-key sports retailers, Rebel Sport is the brand name that sticks in the mind of many Australians looking for cricket bats and tennis balls; a phenomenon  leveraged this week by the people in charge. “We don’t need the ‘Sport’ anymore,” exclaimed management after nearly three decades, and so it is gone; the company name reduced to […]

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