Creating Simpsons Pixels : Ivan Dixon & Paul Robertson

Pretty much everyone in the world has now seen Simpsons Pixels on Youtube, which went viral on the interweb last week. The video is a loving tribute created by two pixel animators and close friends of mine, Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon. Close friends as in we get drunk together, swim in the lake and play strategy board games on Mondays… kind of friends. Paul and Ivan’s works are well known within the industry but not many people have had the […]

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Studio Visit: Megan Nairn, JIBJAB Los Angeles

Last month, we were to LA for a week and met Megan, animator from JIBJAB. She was working on a stop motion animated e-card at that time and we witnessed her sculpting the chocolate bunny, filming and making it alive. Checkout the Screaming bunny video here. We’ve asked few questions to Megan and the response was solid. 1. What is your favourite thing about Jibjab studio? The variety of projects I have the opportunity to work on – different animation styles, […]

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Studio Visit – Envato Melbourne

I was given a private tour to Envato’s brand new studio in Melbourne. I’ve heard about Envato since I’ve known Themeforest few years ago, one of the world’s largest marketplace for website themes. The 3 storey 1890’s building once used to be a storage facility, then used to be the Melbourne City School has now turned into a home of Envato since July 2013. It is beautifully fitted with timber slats, Ghostpatrol’s murals and designer pendant lights. It would be my dream to work in […]

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