Case Study: T2

20 years ago, Maryanne Shearer had an a tasked herself with the impossible: to convert the acclaimed coffee drinkers of Melbourne to the exotic and enchanting world of tea. With years of expertise in product development and visual merchandising from a career in the fashion, interiors and retail behind her, as well as being an avid tea drinker herself, Maryanne saw she could use her expertise to reinvent tea with a modern edge. In the winter of 1996 she opened the first T2 store in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. […]

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How design affects your high-end online store conversion rate.

Good Ecommerce design affects your conversion rate and encourage more browser activity, often leading to increased sales. Displaying logos, incorporating brand colour, font and iconic images of your product, can hugely impact the customer’s decision making process when buying. Well-designed sites emotionally engage with, and form trust between the consumer and brand through imaging. When customers trust your brand and share positive experiences, it promotes further activity and purchases. Here are some tips that all E-Commerce sites should follow, especially […]

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When Working as a Designer, Know What You're Signed up For.

At Symphonic, we have learned to never start work without a written contract in order to protect our work and time. Most artists and designers have a legal problem at least once in their professional career, whether that’s with employment, contracts, copyright, or intellectual property. Working with artists and designers across the states and nation can be in any shapes and forms, and it has been particularly difficult with smudged boundaries in this digital day and age. Clients have their […]

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Simon Sinek Ted

You might have already seen it but this Ted talk is worth watching more than once or twice! It’s not only inspiring but also gives you the essence of the way we work and reach our goals. I watched this video number of times and I show this videos to clients who works to start new businesses.  “People believe what you believe” Watch Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

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SXSW Chronicles Part Two: How the Europeans Do It

For an event that’s based in Texas, in a country perceived as the home of most internet innovation, there are a surprising number of kick arse Europeans presenting on digital matters that you may not have heard of.  Most tech-idols publicised in Australia are yanks (Godin, Zuckerberg, Marshall, Cook) so we thought that we’d give some love to some Euro-genii that @SymphonicPixels will personally be hearing from in March at SXSW (wahoo!). MAANI SAFA is speaking at Emerging Media & Devices on March […]

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