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Ballettonet is an Australian based store that specialise in hand-crafted Italian ballet flats. They sell their footwear at a modest price point by cutting out the middleman, and working directly with the makers.

They approached us to create a brand that represents the history, craftsmanship, luxury, and quality of Italian Ballet flats. Using the idea of a plaque, we designed a brand mark with modern typography that would represent trust, establishment and quality – subtly implying that the shoes encompass these values by using the plaque shape. We carried this concept and feminine elements throughout the collateral with letterpress, gold foil, and embossed packaging.

We developed an E-commerce website and art directed a photoshoot. We also put together a launch event for August 2013 which was a huge success. We based it on the idea of spoiling your feet and curated around the spring/summer seasonal products. We were also inspired by the Italian architecture and garden as it represents the source of the product.


Creative agency Symphonic Pixels provides branding and website development. Creative Director Courtney Kim is fantastic to work with. She understood our philosophy and goals and helped us translate our ideas into a brand and website that we are proud of. She managed our product and campaign photo shoots, styled our launch event and designed our print collateral. Courtney and her team at Symphonic Pixels have gone that extra mile to help us achieve our desired outcomes.

Stephanie Waters, Ballettonet.

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